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The Speedster Experience

We thrive on growing and improving our services for our customers.  We have each other's backs.  What we do at Total Highspeed Internet is more than just provide internet services to local communities.  There is purpose behind what we do and purpose behind being a Speedster.

We are specific on who we invite to be on our team.  Why?  Because how we treat each other carries over into how we treat our customers. While our work is important, it is not everything.  We work at supporting each other's strengths, and treat our fellow Speedster's with honor and respect.

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Working at Total Highspeed has its challenges as any organization does but what makes Total Highspeed so special is that I can honestly say that the people I work with are committed to bringing our customers the best service they can.

-Rachel Davis 

Director of Sales & Marketing

Build with Passion & Balance.

We are a company that is committed to whatever we put our hand to. We take time to understand our customers and serve them well.  We do the same for our co-workers. Everyone thrives when we care for one another well.

Success is not Greatness.

It is Consistency.

A Speedster does what is right, even when it is hard. Success is not greatness but rather in the consistency of our work.  We don't hide our problems; we face them head on. 

Focus on the Customer. 

All Else will Follow.

Here at Total Highspeed, we are fully invested in every project that we take on. We know that providing a service that our customer loves and being there in times of support means our business thrives.

Be the Change You Seek.  Always Look to Grow.

Our Speedsters are smart, thoughtful, and well-informed, and we trust them to be effective with whatever they take on. We learn, grow, fight and hustle to get the work done.

Play Hard. Work Hard.

Reap the Rewards.

We are a company that works hard.  We also know the importance of playing hard as well.  At Total Highspeed you will get to enjoy fun events with the whole team. We are a company that encourages a strong culture.

Open Company. No Crap.

It is so important that we educate our employees about the business.  We want you to think like we do, an owner. To do so we have to focus on transparency and an open door policy. Our goal is to build a strong company culture where everyone knows their role and how it pertains to the overall success of the company.



Commitment to Consistency and Exceptional Service while Continuing Innovation will result in meeting/exceeding the Crucial Amount and resulting in a Culture Shift within the organization.


  • Health Insurance Benefits

  • Vision & Dental Insurance

  • 401k

  • Life & Accident/Disability Insurance

  • Fun Year-Round Events

  • Paid Vacation & Sick Time

  • Continually Growing Culture


No Open Positions?  No Worries!

Don't see something that fits your particular skillset?  Send us your information anyway.  We are always looking for top-notch people.  Just send us an email and your resume to

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